Future Start

While taking a deep look at yourself and where you what to go in your life you will distinguish what you are and are not comfortable with. Everyone has a place where they feel confident, comfortable and in control, also known as your comfort zone. As scary as it may be, an important part of life is taking small positive risks throughout our lives to keep challenging and stretching that zone and making it bigger. Taking small positive risks is the key because if the risk is too big, then the anxiety, fear and other feelings will push a person over the edge. This will make them actually shrink their comfort zone to a place where that person will only be able to focus on themselves and their immediate emotional and physical needs instead of being able to explore and safely challenge the world around them.

Positive risks can be anything from preparing a speech and then delivering it to an audience or writing a song for someone special and then one day when you are ready, performing it for them. Risks that are positive could also be as simple as finally taking a different direction than your friends and exploring things alone that interest you or going around the community helping people that you may not even know with things that need to be done. How big or small a risk to take is always up to you and only you know what will be a positive or too big of a risk to take. Always remember to take it one step at a time, at your own pace so that you do not accidentally fall off the edge and have to start all over again. The bigger your comfort zone, the bigger the risks you will be able to take!


You may think that you are alone or that you don't know where to start when it comes to putting yourself out there, taking risks, or being successful and having a clear direction. It is not an easy process, but the key is to remember that support and encouragement are all around you.

Many things can influence you, your attitude and you actions, but one of the biggest things that influences you is the environment around you. Try to surround yourself with positive people who create an environment that is pleasant to be in. Spend time with others in the community who are taking part in community projects and events that include some things that you value, are helpful and that you are interested in. Some of these events or projects could be helping take care of animals at the local shelter or taking part in a fundraising event in the community that benefits an organization or cause that you feel strongly about.

Having role models, such as a teacher, coach, parent or other individuals in the community that demonstrate the behaviors you wish to foster into your life or that follow the career path that you believe you may want to set out on is also helpful. These people are the individuals you can turn to for support and advice at any time and that can help lead you in the right direction to potentially figuring out your career or the future path you want to take. Knowing that it will eventually all come together and that there is a positive at the end in times a struggle is always uplifting. Wanting to be the kind of person your role model is will push you to take those small positive risks that help you stretch your comfort zone.

The great people you surround yourself with will give you a good safety net and make you feel more comfortable in taking those risks. As your comfort zone grows, sometimes you will notice your allies, number of friends and your whole network grows along with you. The people who have the same values and strengths will become more evident and you will begin to notice yourself grow and change and realize your strong core values, strengths and challenges that you work on and eventually overcome. All of this will lead to you creating goals and a vision for yourself for the future. Your vision for the future will become a grand plan that you figure out piece by piece and will lead you to use tools, such as this website, to put your grand plan into action. You will still sometimes need to stop and think about which risks are positive and which are negative, but the difference will become much clearer so you will know in the end. You will be comfortable with your choice and it will take you somewhere great along your plan into the future of success that is in store for you. Small successes along the way make for a grand success and happiness in the end.