Future Start

Sometimes there are a lot of unknowns in life and we're not always sure what's next for us. Sometimes life happens and we find ourselves in places we never thought we'd be. It's important to remember in these times that this is normal, and it's rare to be in the exact place that we might have envisioned for ourselves as a younger person. What's also important to remember is that all the experiences we go through are pieces of a big jigsaw puzzle. There are times when we can only see the piece that's immediately in our hands because it's taking up a lot of our focus.

At times like this it might be helpful to take a pause, step back and see the big picture of the whole puzzle. Sometimes if we shift our perspective or look through fresh eyes we see a different way to place a puzzle piece than we did before. And then the pieces click together with a satisfying snap and things begin to work in our favour.

Sometimes the unknown is just where we need to be at that moment, it's a transition zone, the edge, and this is where life is richest.