Future Start

common-interview-questions-thumbThere are many benefits to working in groups to build your social skills. When you start a new job or volunteering at a new place you will build your network even if you're only working with a few people. As you get used to working with one group of people the next time you meet new people you will find it easier because your comfort zone has expanded. This can even help you with interviews and speaking in front of groups. Most employers look for people who have good team work experience and like to know you have done group work before. Working in a group gives you many perspectives for a project so you can see a lot more that you may miss when working alone. You can also find other people in the same situation as you and can use each other as supports to grow and improve your social skills. The more you get out, the more diverse people you will meet, and people you meet, the more opportunities you will have, which all could lead to work.

Below are a couple of video examples of a good and bad interview.  Watch the videos and learn how you can improve your interview skills.

Bad Interview

Good Interview