Future Start

The best and most resourceful way of finding employment may lie in the hidden job market. The Hidden Job Market is work that exists but isn't necessarily posted on an on-line job site or in the newspaper. To tap into this hidden job market, it is good to go out and meet with businesses and employers directly. Those businesses respect hardworking individuals who are out, seeking employment, and make the effort to drop off their resume in person. As well, volunteering or by being active in the community, are other ways to tap into the hidden job market because people get to meet you and learn about your skills and abilities.

Networking is also among your top resource for employment and tapping into the hidden job market. Your network may be friends, family, teachers, past employers etc. The whole point of networking is to let those people know you are seeking employment, the more people they know the better. You may find out about a business hiring but who is not advertising to the public. Businesses also network among each other, and are often able to pass along a resume.