Future Start

When choosing a university, there are a few general things you may want to consider these include:

  • What courses you are planning to take at university
  • The requirements to get into that university
  • Where the university is located such as in a city or rural area
  • What are the facilities the university provides such as a parking or housing
  • How big the university is and how many students attend
  • The cost of the university

You can also visit the universities you are thinking of applying to by going to one of their open houses, student orientations or visit their websites for more information. Also you should always choose the university you want and not let other people make up your mind for you since cost can be a major factor.

There are many universities in Nova Scotia, and many more that you may want to attend in other parts of the Maritimes or Canada. They are too numerous to mention here, but many will have program that they specialize in so do you research well.