Future Start

The Adult Learning Program is a unique program offered through NSCC to help adults finish their High School Diploma for Adults (full Grade 12 completion), or earn credits needed to move on to post-secondary programs. You can start the program throughout the year as seats come available and work at your own pace to get the credits you need. If you already have some Grade 11 or 12 credits or other vocational training, they can be applied toward getting your diploma. You apply for the program online through the NSCC site or at your campus of choice.

Admission requirements are:

  • Applicants must be 19 years of age or older.
  • Applicants must be out of school for at least 1 year and have not previously completed a high school diploma.
  • To be admitted to this program, all students must meet in-person with a counselor to complete an assessment process.

More information: http://www.nscc.ca/learning_programs/programs/PlanDescr.aspx?prg=ALP&pln=ALPLEVEL3